Dec 04

Silly Rabbit, Tweets Aren’t For Kids

If your job involves marketing for your company, you may need to rethink your social media strategy. Fast Company’s Belle Beth Cooper cites some interesting stats that may change what you think you know about social. According to Cooper, the fastest growing age group on Twitter is 55-64, growing 79%... read more →
Dec 04

Bring on the Brain Rot

Every generation has had its own dire warnings for adopters of new technology. My grandmother was fond of saying I’d be doomed to a cranium full of scrambled eggs by my incessant cartoon consumption on Saturday mornings. From my adult vantage point, I’d argue that those seemingly inane cartoons held... read more →
Dec 03

Businessweek Magazine Drops It Big

Bloomberg’s not messing around. With their November 18 issue of Businessweek, the multi-media publisher also launched its “The Year Ahead” campaign. The massive edition – at 212 pages, more than half of which feature advertising – is the company’s largest since 1999, and features a perfect bound spine designed to... read more →
Dec 02

Native Ads – Can You Afford the Risk?

Suppose you own an art gallery in a trendy neighborhood in Chicago. You’ve spent countless hours designing the décor, creating an outstanding setting and hanging the artwork you know will appeal to your clientele. Your fans come back time and again because they appreciate the experience. Now let’s say an... read more →
Dec 02

Magazine Readership Rebounds Up North

Seems our Canadian neighbors are reading a lot of magazines these days, with industry figures rebounding to pre-recessionary reading levels in major titles. According to the website PrintCAN, “The latest report from the Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) indicates Canadian magazines had an average readership of 1.04 million four years ago,... read more →
Dec 02

It Came From Print

Where is the magazine industry falling down on the job of marketing their titles effectively? It’s not lacking in the traditional “push” marketing, according to Rich Jacobsen of Time Warner Retail Sales and Marketing. Newsstand distribution and merchandising continues to fuel sales as it always has, but pull marketing –... read more →
Nov 26
Nov 25
Nov 21
Nov 21

Advertising Apocalypse Coming Soon

Are we witnessing “the end of advertising as we’ve known it”? According to industry expert Steve Gray, yes indeed. While he apologizes for his hyperbole, he goes on to say, “We need to realize that we’re witnessing the end of advertising as we’ve known it. Not this year, not next... read more →