Jan 14

Magazine Ads Up in 2013

In the flurry of year-end statistics and reports about the magazine industry, we found a few in particular that bear repeating. The first one shows a definite bump in advertising trends in print magazines, which was up “9% through November 2013 – more than television (3%), newspapers (3%), radio (2%)... read more →
Jan 13

The Truth About Print in the Digital Age

Mr. Magazine calls them his 14 Efficacies of Enlightenment regarding print in the digital age. We call them a great summary of the things we’ve been seeing, and saying, about the print industry for the past several months, which we expect to become more evident this year. As Husni states,... read more →
Jan 13

The Shape of Direct Mail in 2014

“If direct mail is dying, it’s sure taking its time about it,” quips Lois Gellar in “Reshaping Direct Mail for 2014,” an article she wrote for Forbes.com. Gellar is referring to the state of an industry that many digital marketers assumed would die a rather quick death. She is convinced... read more →
Jan 10

2013’s Best Magazine Covers

This is why we love what we do. Magazines, when well-designed and thoughtfully printed, are just gorgeous. But good looks alone become transformed into something extraordinary in the hands of designers who understand the message of the magazine’s content. We want to share this collection of some of 2013’s best... read more →
Jan 09

Media Execs Predict Industry Trends for 2014

Ten years ago, the kind of discussion heard at December’s “breakfast with the Minsiders” event might have seemed absurd. Take, for example, this statement, as quoted in Arti Patel’s coverage of the event in Folio: “Ideas that were advertising-driven aren’t working anymore. It’s not what clients want,” Jamie Rubin of... read more →
Jan 09

2014 Postage Rate Tables & Increases

Here are the 2014 postage rates that take effect on January 26, 2014. The table contains both the new rates, 2013 rates and variances by dollar amount and percentage. First class and standard mail both have average increases of just under 6%. The PRC approved the USPS request for an... read more →
Jan 08

Motorola Print Ad Pushes Our Buttons

Okay, print advertisers just upped the ante by a few chips. Motorola got a little crazy with their ad in January’s Wired magazine. As you probably know, Motorola’s big thing now is to allow customers to create their own customized phones, basically turning buyers into would-be designers. In their print... read more →
Jan 07
Jan 07

Freeport Press recognized for Print Excellence

Freeport Press Inc., is proud to announce it was recently awarded thirteen (13) 2014 Print Excellence Awards from the Printing Industries of Ohio - N. Kentucky. Printing Industries Association President, Jim Cunningham, stated how impressed this year's judges were with the overall quality of all the entries. "Paul and Glenn... read more →
Jan 06

For the Love of It All…

For magazine publishers, finding your rabid fans (and the resulting profit that comes with them) means tapping into the right audience with the right content. Increasingly, niche markets and highly specialized interest groups are generating growth and new interest, according to Herb Scribner of the Deseret News. “Anyone with a... read more →