Customer Tools

Kodak INSITE Portal

The Kodak INSITE Portal is a web portal for PDF file upload to a printer. The Portal allows publishers to upload and review proofs online. It allows for full management of the proofing process, corrections and has an online approval process that is much more intuitive and efficient than hard proofing. 

There are many benefits of using Kodak INSITE including better schedules due to not waiting for hard proofs, alerts in the system for low resolution or content outside of safe type areas and no prepress correction charges (as PDFs are replaced by the publisher). It does require the publisher to be familiar with our naming conventions, checking impositions and understanding how cross-overs and cover spines (if you are perfect binding) would need to be laid out. 

All that being said Kodak INSITE is an excellent tool for any client. Setting up multiple users and their permissions is easy. It can allow your entire creative team to log in and see final book layouts and review any content or designs. We have a strong staff that can assist you with any questions on using Kodak INSITE to enhance your workflows from file reviews to final submissions. 

Mailing File Uploads

Freeport Press has an online web portal that sets up clients to upload mailing files easily and quickly. Our mailing department will take your files and determine the best way to distribute, whether it’s cost savings or the fastest deliveries. We have the software and knowledge to get your projects delivered the way you want. 

ePRO 2.0 Access

Like digital editions? Our ePRO 2.0 software makes it easy to upload files and convert them into flippable digital editions. On your desktop or phone, these digital renditions of your printed products will look great and allow clients to interact in a similar way to their print counterparts. 

Enhanced catalog versions are available with direct links to your products online. Digital readers find a product, click and go right to your e-commerce site. An easy step to a purchase right away.