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A Revenue Driving Proposition for Publications

With the extensive data about consumers in the consumer database today, we can give you lots of intelligent data about your current readers, subscriber and members.

  • 360 Characteristics about Consumers
  • 220 Million People in Database

Customer Analysis Includes:

  • Age, Income, Education
  • Presence of Children
  • Homeownership, Home Value
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital Status
  • Distance, Drive-time
  • Nielsen PRIZM™ Segmentation
  • Lifestyle, Interests
  • Purchase History
  • Market Potential, Market Penetration
  • Target Prospect List

How can this help you drive revenue?

  • We can give you important behavioral characteristics about you customers to sell to advertisers and identify new categories that you may not have thought of before based on data.
  • We can create a profile of your current customers and find like people based on data matches so you can increase subscriptions, membership, and readership

Quick Steps to a World of Knowledge

  • Sign NDA and Upload your list into our Data Masher
  • A Report Characterizing your Members, Readers and Subscribers is obtained
  • The universe of like people is defined for you.  How many additional prospects are out there?
  • Information your advertisers would be interested in about your audience is summarized.
  • Propensity, capacity and lifetime value scores are assigned to new prospects

You are Ready to Grow Revenue

  • Purchase a new list of top prospects (members, readers, subscribers)  to market to
  • Share important data with advertisers that you did not know before about your customers to drive new ad sales.
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