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Sell subscription or single copies with MediaWire’s native app solution. Apps for magazines have never been more simple or affordable. One simple upload and your digital magazine become available on all ios devices. Most digital magazine publishing software will deliver a web based or flip book, our solution offers the maximum exposure by leveraging the traffic in the ios apps store.

Native magazine branded apps could become a valuable revenue generating resource for your brand.

  • Sell special ad placements
  • Offer cover sponsorship
  • Offer rich media ads which can be placed on any page.

App Features:

o   Hyperlinks,
o   Nighttime/Daytime reading,
o   Text size,
o   Video,
o   Bookmarks,
o   Push Notifications,
o   Better Layout for mobile users and tablet users,
o   Push Custom Message,
o   Stats on the publications,
o   Demographics of readers,
o   Notes on Bookmarks,
o   Delete Downloads,
o   Social Sharing,
o   Cross platform,
o   Subscription/registration,
o   In-app purchases,
o   Stand-alone app,
o   Table of Contents,
o   Preview pages,
o   Description,
o   My Library,
o   Links: web/Go To Page/Mail@,
o   Publisher info page,
o   Help Page,
o   Extra issue info,
o   Read ‘menu navigation’,
o   Star ranking,
o   Text View,
o   Search in title & in issue

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