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MediaRadar is a new tool designed to help magazines improve sales and client management. This is accomplished by putting the most up-to-date, relevant information, analysis and advice directly onto the desktop of every member of the sales team. This unique and powerful tool helps you target prospects, guide your strategy, and land the sale.

Highly Qualified Leads

The average magazine has only 15% overlap in advertisers with other magazines in the same editorial category. Let MagazineRadar introduce you to the 85% you’re missing.

Account Reviews

Looking for in-depth brand information? MediaRadar gives you access to nearly a quarter of a million brands. Account Reviews provide a single-page overview with detailed brand information including ad creative, spending trends, placement information, trade news and a complete view of each advertiser’s competition

Talking Points

The hardest part of the sale is getting someone to take your call and knowing what to say when they do. MediaRadar gives you a list of new reasons to call, and something fresh to talk about.


Do you rip up your competitors’ books to find out who their advertisers are? We do it for you. View ads digitally on our Tearsheets page. Find an advertiser’s creative across dozens of titles. We’ll even tell you if it was a fold-out, heavy stock, or scented.

Value-added Services for Advertisers

Sell beyond the page and make yourself a partner. MediaRadar gives you the competitive intellegence that your customers want.

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