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We turn your lifeless PDF content into something engaging – an interactive digital experience for your readers that works beautifully on all modern desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.  We can then help you easily enrich it, share it, update it, and track it.  Trusted by thousands of content creators, ePRO has the knowledge and tools to support a superior content strategy and help you stand out in the digital clutter.

The Communicator Digital Edition:

Web Browser / Mobile compatible viewer: 


The HTML 5 toolbar easily and intuitively guides readers through the digital edition. Single clicking or tapping anywhere on the digital edition accesses the toolbar.

Easily move between pages based on the navigation configuration of the device. Mouse-enabled desktop devices are provided with left and right arrows for clicking while mobile devices detect finger swiping.


Publishers can choose to customize the toolbar by choosing the color and font style and by adding a logo. Fine-tuned and enhanced effects can also be created by directly inputting custom CSS.

Responsive Design

Our pages automatically resize the content to fill available screen real estate to maximize the viewing experience. The aspect ratio of the original files are maintained, ensuring that your content will be displayed responsively across all modern platforms and devices.


Our digital editions can easily be embedded into Facebook and other third-party apps. You can also iframe the digital edition into your webpage and supply your own totally custom chrome and toolbar.


Auto Linking
During the conversion process, any website URLs and email addresses included as selectable text are automatically hotlinked.

Drawn Links
Additional links can be drawn on any page over text or an image. The links flash briefly when a user accesses a page and then fade away so the reader can enjoy the content. These links can direct the reader to a text article view of the page’s copy (if set up), other pages in the issue (page jumps), or to an external website. They can be custom- color coded or even made invisible based on the publisher’s preference.

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