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Direct mail works. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to inspire and move your customers to action, you need direct mail marketing.

Freeport Press offers a variety of direct mail advertising options. Some examples of direct mail include digests, magazines, slim jims and tabloids.

We specialize in photographic quality design at affordable pricing. You get direct mail pieces printed on the highest-quality presses in North America, affordable digital solutions and comprehensive services, such as list management, co-mailing and drop-shipping.

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As a nationally recognized print leader, we combine the latest printing technology with well-planned distribution solutions. We’ve invested heavily in the best presses and continually track the effectiveness of direct mail marketing. If you want to maximize the power of direct mail, use direct mail during the holidays or have any other direct mail needs, we have the team to help.

Why Use Direct Mail

Does direct mail still work? If you want to reach your customers using a method that is proven effective (and increasing in effectiveness), direct mail is a great option. In fact, direct mail is the most effective marketing channel for new customer acquisition and customer retention, according to Mail Shark.

We believe in direct mail. Our proven processes and printing technologies ensure your direct mail marketing efforts will be professional and attract the right kind of attention.

Why Use Freeport Press

For a successful direct mail campaign, you need standout printing. With Freeport Press, you’ll get reliable, predicable quality. We’re a G7® Master printer, a designation awarded to an elite group of printers who use the most up-to-date technology, adhere to strict standards for quality printing and offer press controls to ensure color fidelity. Read more about our top-of-the-line equipment here.

When choosing a direct mail printer, you want a partner with a commitment to responsible environmental policies. Freeport Press is FSC® Certified, we recycle all paper waste, trim waste and plastic and aluminum used in our facility. We operate a regenerative thermal pollution control (RTO) unit that operates at a level of 98.5 percent VOC control efficiency. 

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Let’s get you started on a successful direct mail campaign. Our team has the expertise to advise you and offer both exceptional print quality and customer service surrounding direct mail marketing.

For customers with a direct mail design ready to go, we can respond with a direct mail print quote.




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