Direct Mail for the Holidays in Three … Two … One

Mail volume is down overall … so direct mail is really not so important anymore, right?

Seems quite a few businesses believe that, but they couldn’t be more wrong, according to Al DiCroce in TribLive.

“While it’s true the volume of mail the United States Postal Service handles is declining, fewer pieces of mail actually means great things for direct mail marketers,” DiCroce writes, before presenting three reasons why DM is actually having a moment right now.

1. Less competition

With mailboxes emptier than usual, your mail will stand out. According to DiCroce, households receive on average just two pieces a day. So your message now has a much better chance of being picked up, opened and read.

(And especially now as most of us spend more time at time, that mail is being seen by more peopel in the household, helping your message spread even further.)

2. Higher response rates

Thanks in large part to lower competition for eyeballs, response rates are rising. DiCroce notes DM response rates are running between 3-4%.

3. We want to hear from brands we care about

The past several months have been insightful on many levels. Brands are learning that their customers really do care what they have to say, and look forward to hearing from them. And that means your first-party customer data is a goldmine of possibilities.

“In one recent survey conducted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, 43% of respondents said it’s reassuring to hear from brands they know and trust, while 40% said they want to learn about what brands are doing in response to the pandemic,” DiCroce notes.

Given what we now know about consumer attitudes and direct messages from brands, there’s no doubt direct mail is having a moment. Is your brand on board?