Color Control


Older closed-loop color systems measure the ink-film thickness of each color to achieve and maintain consistency during a press run. While this is fine for solid areas, it doesn’t address what happens in the midtones — where a dot gain of 12 to 15%, even in an ideal print environment, can produce a significant color shift.

That isn’t good enough for Freeport Press — not when we’ve staked our reputation on exceptional print quality.

Totally calibrated from proofs to plates to press, System Brunner’s revolutionary Instrument Flight® uses a scanning spectrometer not only to measure and control individual colors but also to manage three-color overprints in midtones and gray balances in shadows. Using more than 30 process variables, it calculates ­optimal color correction while maintaining a stable, image-related gray balance. Even more ­importantly, it controls for dot gain, which has an enormous effect on color perception.

Capable of detecting a tonal-value deviation in the midtones of as little as +/- 1%, Instrument Flight manages even the most difficult match-ups, holding color constant during the entire production run.

And the built-in Balance Navigator® for color balance and contrast corrections lets us address your specific requests while on press without disturbing the equilibrium of the entire run.

Find out how much difference state-of-the-art color control can make to your readers and advertisers. Give us a call, and let’s start talking.