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Receiving Ad Materials Has Never Been Easier

SendMyAd streamlines production by automating ad checking and delivery – faster and easier than ever before. Every ad meets every quality criteria, every time.

Upload, Preflight, Deliver.

Checking received materials from advertisers is a slow, time-consuming, manual process that takes up valuable resources. Production staff has to ensure that each ad meets publication specifications, is free from errors, and includes the correct insertion order details.

Thousands of publishers across the country rely on SendMyAd to streamline their ad acceptance processes by automating the checking and delivery of ads.

With SendMyAd as your online ad portal, you’re assured that every ad received meets publication specs. The result is longer lead times, reduced costs and increased efficiencies.

Print, Web, Mobile

One portal – many formats. Receive all forms of digital ad materials from your advertisers including web banner ads, tablet ads (inc DFT & EFT ads), as well as multiple sized ads for print.

Interactive Preflight Reports

As ad materials are uploaded, SMA rejects or flags any non-compliant ad materials. This insures that the ads submitted are ready to be published with no errors.

Ad Materials Pickup

Ads can be picked up from issue to issue, or from publication to publication. This allows advertisers to quickly use materials that are ready to go.

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