Print Magazine Celebrates 75 Years of Creative History 

[responsive]PRINT75th[/responsive]Print magazine knows how to celebrate a milestone. They recently released their 75th anniversary issue and it’s a visual and editorial testament to the power of creative content and great design.

“In this historic issue of Print magazine, celebrate Print’s 75th anniversary with a one-of-a-kind feature from Debbie Millman and much more,” notes Jessica Farris in Print.

“Explore not only the impact of Print magazine, but the history, evolution, and future of print design—and what it all means for designers. Discover why print (and Print) matters to design, and who’s responsible for helping the medium to live on.”

Features include a look back at the changes in the design world wrought by the turbulent and radical 60s; a look forward at how print has changed in this digital age and where it’s heading; and a fascinating journey through the evolution of the comic book.

Visit the Bauhaus in Berlin and view stunning examples from their archives, then read about the unlikely hero of magazine illustration.

Start to finish, this is bound to be a keeper.

Order yours here and take some time for a deep dive in celebration of this masterful medium.