Jan 23

A Colorful Way to Offset the Postage Increase

PERIODICALS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PROGRAM. Do the new USPS postal rate hikes have you feeling blue, seeing red, and worried about your green? Put those colors to good use and get 2% upfront off your direct mail postage costs, through March 31. The discount is part of the... read more →
Jan 22

7 in 10 Adults Going Social

According to a new report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, 73% of all adults who are online are using at least one social networking site. Thanks to Jack Loechner of the Center for Media Research for his summary of the report, which demonstrates that social media continues to... read more →
Jan 22

Take Forbes App Reviews with Big Grain of Salt

The reviews are out for the new and improved Forbes Magazine Newsstand app. And from the early reviews…it’s just fabulous. And we all know we can trust online reviews from impartial users, right? Cue the salt shaker, please. D.B. Hebbard of Talking New Media has uncovered something fishy in the... read more →
Jan 21

Poor Odds for App Success

If mobile app developers are looking for big profits from their products, they may be in for a rude awakening, according to D. B. Hebbard in Talking New Media. In fact, “less than 1 percent of apps released will be a financial success for their developers, a situation that it... read more →
Jan 21
Jan 20

USPS Rate Hike Warning

Clearly we aren’t the only ones who think the pending postal rate hikes are a bad idea. While we are against it for many reasons, including the fact that it is likely to hurt businesses that rely on bulk mail and catalogs for their revenue, it’s also going to be... read more →
Jan 20

Digital goes Print

The growing trend of digital-only companies embracing print continues. As reported in Crain’s New York, “Retailers are keeping an iron-tight grip on catalogs as an irreplaceable marketing tool – despite the world’s embrace of online shopping,” writes Adrianne Pasquarelli. She was referring to e-commerce clothing company Bonobos and their 52-page... read more →
Jan 17

Cool Tools Catalog Hits a Niche

Kevin Kelly knows a thing or two about aggregating, curating and creating content. The founding editor of Wired and a former editor for The Whole Earth Catalog, Kelly’s background runs the gamut from granola-head to tech geek. His latest iteration is as owner of the website Cool Tools, “a web... read more →
Jan 16

Is the App Gold Rush Over?

Ah, the holidays. Seems everyone from the youngsters to the grandparents gave and got technology, with smartphones and tablets flying off the shelves and under the tree. So the app market must have seen some pretty heavy activity on Christmas, right? Not as much as might have been expected, according... read more →
Jan 15