What Futurists Got Right – and Pretty Wrong – Three Decades Ago
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Futurist Ray Kurzweil made some wild-sounding predictions as the second millennium came to a close. In his book “The Age of Spiritual Machines,” he predicted we’d be living to 100, computers would be invisible, and privacy would be a massive...
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Two Brush Fonts to Keep You Cozy this Winter
It’s the time of year when we want to snuggle in and create beauty to fight off the cold, gray days. And these two fonts are a perfect fit for the mood. Shella Font Trio from indie type designer Mas...
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Outside Magazine Sees a Massive Bump in Print Numbers
It’s been a fantastic year for Outside magazine. According to Melynda Fuller in Publishers Daily, the title saw a 41% bump in print readership in 2019. “Each issue of Outside now reaches more than 3.4 million active readers with a...
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