Leverage the Summer Slowdown to Do This with Your Ad Sales List
How to make hay in the ad game when the rest of the world is slathering on the sunscreen. Summertime – it’s hot, the sun’s out, your contacts are on vacation – and it’s easy to fall into thinking that...
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The Hybrid Ad Sales Approach
Ryan Dohrn shares some sage advice for magazine sales people in a hybrid market. The CEO of Brain Swell Media has some blunt advice for anyone looking to sell more: “People overall, and salespeople in specific, need to understand not...
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Change Management: A Lost Art in This Business?
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Lessons learned from the “old days” of print publishing on how to quit whining and handle change. Are publishers limiting their revenue potential because they are simply bad at handling change? D. B. Hebbard thinks maybe. “During a conversation with...
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