The Hybrid Ad Sales Approach

Ryan Dohrn shares some sage advice for magazine sales people in a hybrid market.

The CEO of Brain Swell Media has some blunt advice for anyone looking to sell more:

“People overall, and salespeople in specific, need to understand not to waste their customer’s time,” says Ryan Dohrn in this short video.

“All too often salespeople spend a tremendous amount of time just on fluff,” he notes. “Get to the point, cut to the chase. You’re not marrying this person; you’re just trying to sell an ad.”

Dohrn acknowledges that the digital side of publishing has a lot of potential right now, but also notes what he calls “the resurgence of print.”

“We see a lot of millennials … that are reading print magazines,” he notes, “so let’s not abandon print in favor of digital. Let’s create a really nice hybrid that will address people wherever the audience is.”

Great advice, Ryan, thank you!