The Reality Gap in Marketingland
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Okay, marketing industry, you’ve been called out. While you’ve been working pretty hard to sideline print in favor of digital marketing, the truth is that you’re hurting your clients in the process. That’s the position taken by the team at...
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The Antithesis of the Online Experience
Mindful. It’s the mantra as well as the title of the magazine edited by Anne Alexander. It’s a role that fits her perfectly, as Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni noted in a recent interview. It also strikes a chord with so...
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This Week’s Free Fonts Go Glamping
When LL Bean meets Magnolia, the results are fairly gorgeous. This week, we offer two free fonts that bridge the gap between rustic and refined. First is Campground created by Fortunes Co. Think adventure. Summer camp. Campfires.  Campground is all...
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