The Reality Gap in Marketingland

Okay, marketing industry, you’ve been called out. While you’ve been working pretty hard to sideline print in favor of digital marketing, the truth is that you’re hurting your clients in the process.

That’s the position taken by the team at Print Power, who’ve put together seven solid reasons why print media deserves more respect.

… for those who are willing to cut through the #:)@*! and look beyond the ‘death of print media’ fallacy, there’s no question that print is a top table medium that boosts ROI and commands attention,” the article notes.

They cite the 2018 Planning for Profit study by Benchmarking that proves increasing a print presence may “more than double current campaign ROI.

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A growing chorus in the ad industry agrees with this, with many agency execs realizing that social ads are not really driving conversions. Agencies are saying pffft to blanket adoption of digital ads, in favor of a more strategic multi-channel approach that uses print. 

“Take, for example, the resurgence of customer magazines in recent times, with Airbnb, Facebook, Kodak and Net-a-Porter all joining the party,” the article continues. “Or this new breed of niche, independent magazines, as upstart publishers plug into passion points in a way brands rarely succeed in doing.”

As the article explains, yes, our audiences live increasingly online. “But physical media is now the ideal way to start the online journey. Either through technology, such as QR codes, Augmented Reality, Near Field Communication and digital imprints, or merely through association, print seamlessly connects a brand’s offline and online presence.”

And starting in print offers a tangible advantage missing in digital – trust.

“Despite the ubiquity of online platforms,” the article continues, “print media is the most trusted environment for advertisers. One that’s relevant, reliable and expert. And one that has more staying power than pixels on a screen. Meanwhile, digital’s copybook has been blotted by fake news scandals and less-than-stellar protections for users.”

As privacy becomes increasingly rare, print offers a haven where the connection is real and the engagement is deep.

“The fact that consumers spend more time per print ad than they do the online equivalent is a testament to the power of print. If effectiveness is determined by impressions alone, digital wins hands down. But a more nuanced approach to engagement proves that print media not only grabs but holds attention.”

If trust and deep engagement matter, print needs to be part of the discussion.