Inside the B2B Digital Numbers Dilemma
[responsive][/responsive]D. B. Hebbard has a bone to pick with B2B publishers and their circulation figures. To look at the official audit numbers, it seems that B2B titles are lagging far behind B2Cs in digital circulation. “The growth in digital editions...
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Well Played, USPS, Well Played
Taking advantage of a slow moving court system and foot-dragging Congress, the USPS moves to keep the exigent rate hike alive. Again.Al Urbanski could be excused for being less than thrilled with the recent move by the USPS. As senior...
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Nissan Exec on One Big Mistake Marketers Make
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[responsive][/responsive]Relevance is defined as “the condition of being connected with the matter at hand.” ( When we talk about magazines and other print media and their relevance, we have to think in terms of that connection – not just to...
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