The Secret Life of Your Mailbox
Back in the ‘70s it used to be called “junk mail” – the reams of unsolicited paper in your mailbox, sent by well-meaning but data-limited businesses trying to cover a broad swath. Never mind that yours was a vegetarian household;...
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Direct is the New Digital When it Comes to Customer Mail
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Direct mail makes us feel special.That stat comes from research from Royal Mail that shows 70% of consumers feel more valued by a brand when they receive direct mail instead of email. (Don’t believe it? Just look at what happened...
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What Nordstrom Learned When they Cut Direct Mail from their Loyalty Program (Spoiler Alert: It Wasn’t Good)
Oops.That’s the basic reaction from Nordstrom brass in their recent earnings call where they reported weaker-than-expected sales forecasts. “On Tuesday, Nordstrom cut its forecast for full-year sales and profit after reporting weaker-than-expected first-quarter results that were hurt, in part, by...
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