In An Internet Minute…The Augean Challenge of Reaching Your Audience with Digital Content
Each minute, more than 1 million GBs of data are transferred around our planet. Think about that for a moment and let it sink in. The growth of mobile traffic alone is staggering: Intel predicts that by the year 2017,...
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Achtung! Magazine Sales are Booming in Germany
While newspaper sales in Germany continue to trend downward, there is a boom in demand for glossy magazines as wired Germans find the time to unwind, according to the German website DW. The main reason? Readers need downtime that they...
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Publications Using Pinterest as a Key Ally
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Some magazine editors seem to have an edge on predicting trends and understanding what their readers will be into in the coming months. Are they tuned into some universal consciousness? Not exactly, but they are using Pinterest to tap into...
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