Ask Your Advertisers if their Customers Trust Social Media

I know we call out Facebook a lot around here – but they certainly aren’t the only social platform taking fire lately.

“As this chart from Statista shows, the Cambridge Analytica scandal seems to have resulted in a broader loss of user trust in social media platforms, which would include the likes of Twitter, as well,” write Katie Canales and Shayanne Gal in Business Insider. “Only 27% of US consumers surveyed said they felt confident that their data is kept secure by social media companies, and 37% saying they didn’t.”

In fact, consumers trust the DMV, the IRS and even their cellphone providers with their data, more than they trust social media.

In light of this, it makes perfect sense that big name publishers are moving away from third-party distribution of their content and reclaiming their own direct traffic. Think about it – why would you be that keen for your content (or ads) to appear on a platform that most users mistrust?

Print magazines, on the other hand, are shown time and again to give advertisers a trust bump. Trusted platform, trusted brand – it really is that simple.

Common sense and strategic thinking is once again taking hold in the ad industry, and print magazine publishers have everything to gain by this. Maybe it’s time to have this conversation with your potential advertisers…