The Trust Bump of Printed Magazines

In this age of fake news and waning consumer trust, there is one thing brands can do to significantly raise their “trust appeal.”

“Advertising campaigns which include print magazines amongst their mix of media channels have a 22% increase in brand trust,” explains Zoe Samios writing in Mumbrella.

Samios is referring to a study that found “print magazines combined with out of home advertising, were found to drive brand interest and purchase intent, with consumers 3.2 times more likely to identify the brand and find out more about it.”

The study report noted what they call “the multiplier effect.” Not only are brands that advertise in print more trusted, they also see great brand favorability and purchase intent.

Advertising in both print magazines and newspapers has an even more powerful effect, she notes, saying “advertising campaigns are best placed with newspapers and magazines, the survey suggests, as people are 9.2 times more likely to identify a brand found in the two mediums, as one they want to find out more about.”

The crisis of mistrust is widening, and brands are often being swept up in the large next of consumers’ lack of confidence. Yet this survey supports the trust-bumping power of print advertising, a sound strategy in this time of digital turmoil.