Saving the World, One Magazine at the Time

The trust bump – we’ve talked about it before. And in our age of rising consumer mistrust of social media, trust is more important than ever. And that, according to MPA’s Linda Thomas Brooks, gives magazine media a critical edge.

“Credible sustainable journalism becomes more important every day,” writes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni who recently invited Brooks to speak at his ACT 9 Experience summit.

“Brooks began with a story about a new business dedicated to creating fake vacations to enhance social media presence,” Husni writes. “Twitter and FB had to close fake accounts set up to divide our country. The steps between fake vacations and fake news are getting shorter, Brooks cautioned. As a result, never have magazines been more important.”

Importantly, advertisers are also beginning to understand this.

“They know that magazines are invited guests in consumers’ homes,” Husni writes. “Readers have asked for them. They savor them. And the advertisers get to come along as plus one to the invitation. Contextual relevance is an important element—it’s not just the numbers, it’s the context in which the message is delivered. The context is professionally researched, written, edited, produced, curated content. Trusted brands offer that, the shortcut to quality.”

Brooks cited case studies that prove the brand lift of print ads, helping advertisers look beyond the “eyeballs” they get on social media to understand how magazine media moves the metrics that truly matter.

To hear more from Brooks, listen to her presentation at ACT 9. She has a clear way of expressing the information we need our advertisers to understand.

“Marketers need to simultaneously build brand and sell product,” Husni explains. “Magazines are the single best channel to do this. But more, magazines are important for their credibility, their research, curation, and quality. They are a bulwark against the deluge of fake news and unresearched, unedited opinion. Which is the reason that Brooks and her association aim to save the world—one magazine at a time.”

View the video here, and share it with the people who need to understand the incredible power of magazines to elevate trust and build relationships. They’ll thank you for it!