Why Magazine Media Moves the Metrics that Matter

Looking to make a lasting impact on how your brand is perceived?

When it comes to building long-term brand health, relevance and quality are the most important metrics, according to this article in Magnetic Media. Not surprisingly, they are also the hardest to come by.

So, if they’re so tough to achieve, how do brands get there? A study reveals that magazine media “is the number one media channel for moving relevancy and the second most effective channel at driving perceptions of quality.”

That’s 1 and 2, folks, outpacing TV, social media and all other channels. 


The data, from Magnetic’s Metrics That Matter report, shows that “magazine media moves the metrics that matter because it achieves deeper more meaningful connections with consumers and that’s what delivers strong brand KPIs.”

“It’s clear that across environments, magazine media delivers against the metrics that truly matter to brands,” notes Magnetic’s CEO Sue Todd.

What makes magazine media so ideal for moving the needle in those key areas? It’s what we’ve been seeing all along – engagement and trust.

“Magazines achieve deep human connections with their audiences, leading to a more attentive consumer who is more open to commercial messaging and more inclined to trust what they discover there,” Todd continues. “In an age of ad blocking and declining receptivity to advertising, this is a powerful environment for brands.”

The reason is sublimely simple.

According to Magnetic, it’s attributed to the fact that “magazine consumption is driven by a highly personal interest in the content allowing brands to advertise in a highly relevant and complementary environment where advertising is welcomed by audiences.”

Relevant, trusted and welcome – it’s no wonder that magazine media are so effective when it comes to your brand’s most important KPIs.