Meet the New Marketing Power Couple

There’s plenty of evidence that the “print versus digital” debate is no longer worth the energy it takes to participate. In fact, marketers are fast calling a truce between print and digital, and leveraging the benefits of both to improve campaign results.

Marketers have learned the hard way that “easy” is not a good measuring stick for effective marketing, and the digital-only mantra is seldom heard these days. Taking its place is the more strategic approach that uses digital and print in partnership, leveraging today’s technology and data, to measurably improve campaign results.

“Print and screen aren’t mortal enemies,” notes this article in Pop from Sappi, the first part in their how-to series on creating direct mail that works. “In fact, they’re quickly becoming marketing’s hottest power couple.”

 The article includes a case study that looked at how Facebook used direct mail with digital marketing to engage CEOs.

“After a marketing conference for CEOs, Facebook sent the list of attendees a printed self-mailer that drove them to a microsite. Facebook was able to track its targets’ interests as well as digitally connect with potential customers, which achieved its campaign strategy goals,” the article notes.

“The mailer’s creative graphics and energetic headlines were able to convey the interactive and dynamic nature of Facebook’s digital marketing platforms—all on paper,” it continues.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Facebook use direct mail to bolster their marketing strategy. It tells us one thing: To truly maximize results, even a company with the massive reach of Facebook needs to leverage the benefits of print.

This is particularly true when targeting the millennial consumer, who is more likely to remember a brand – and create a loyal relationship with it for years to come – when they receive print material from them.

Interestingly, print’s benefits in the digital age are still unfolding. 

“Customers are increasingly inundated with marketing messages—the average person receives nearly 3,000 in one day alone,” the article notes. “As they get emails, text messages, digital media alerts and more, direct mail has become the less invasive form of communication.”

And because marketers are getting better at leveraging data and technology, direct mail is becoming more relevant, more welcome, and more effective than ever. So invite this power couple to your next marketing party – and be sure to catch the rest of the Sappi series for more good ideas on maximizing your campaign results.