7 Reasons Magazines Belong in Your Media Plan

[responsive]Mags_Canada_Attention_L[/responsive]Can magazines play an effective part of my marketing campaign?

This question is being asked in marketing blogs and industry events and the answer is ringing back with a big “yes.”

As luxury retailers and digital commerce sites launch in print, marketers are again extoling the virtues of the medium.

So we know it’s a good idea. But knowing that and making the business care for it are two very different things. That’s why we really like this article from Print Power, “Seven reasons to include mags in your media plan.”

Based on stats and survey findings from Magazine Canada’s 2014 Consumer Magazine Factbook, the article calls out some solid reasons (backed with real user data) to position print as part of your marketing plan. You’ll find real numbers that back up print’s ability to engage, inspire, influence and convert.

It’s worth a read just for the insights, and if you need to reach for hard data to support your ideas on print, the report itself is a massive 170 page bundle of good information. Keep this one handy.