Unapologetically Exquisite DuJour Magazine Turns Five

“No one can deny or challenge that print is really where the majority of the ad revenue still comes from.” 

There’s one thing that high-end brands clearly understand about print: It’s powerful – indeed some say effortless – platform on which to connect with their most highly sought readers.

Luxury print publisher Jason Binn knew this back in 2012.

“It was time to create something that didn’t exist, that conformed to what 2012 was bringing on and what 2017 today has really embraced, which is publishing a high-quality product on the highest-quality paper stock; a quarterly book,” Binn said in an interview with Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni.

That something is DuJour Magazine, a publication that “makes no apologies for its exquisite tastes,” as Husni explains.

“The magazine promotes and revels in the intoxicating lifestyles of the rich and famous. And does it with style and class,” Husni continues. “Since 2012, when the word magazine was becoming more and more taboo, DuJour burst through the publishing door and dropped a print diamond in the middle of a plethora of pixels.”

It was Binn who envisioned DuJour and created a “glitz and glamour” style business model around the title, to leverage the ability of print to attract the right advertisers.

And while digital channels play an important role in discovery and engagement (Binn says they have a million social followers), print pays the bills.

“Obviously with print, no one can deny or challenge that print is really where the majority of the ad revenue still comes from,” Binn insists. “And I don’t believe, whether it’s the bigger media companies or whomever, they are feeling anything different. And there’s the power of print to create your community, your brand, in a physical and meaningful way.”

Part of their appeal comes from their legendary cover parties, an important part of the marketing mix. For Binn, it’s an example of knowing your audience and leveraging the right platforms. And that “one percent” audience – the luxury goods buyer – is a magnet for the right advertisers.

We see it happening with so many luxury brands;  they understand that print is the way to reach those high-end luxury consumers.

Congratulations on five glam years to the team at DuJour; we look forward to much more as print grows into its luxurious future.