Print: The Secret Weapon of Luxury Retailers

portermagazineJust over one year ago, luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter took a huge leap and launched Porter, a print magazine with shoppable content on every page.

It was a logical next step in the evolution of the company, which set the fashion retail industry on its ear when it proved it could combined “high end” with “e-commerce.”

And now, they’ve come to view print as their secret weapon.

“We realized we need to give our readers their fashion fix in print as well as in digital,” said Net-a-Porter’s Tess Macleod Smith.

While tapping your iPhone app and getting that designer gown delivered same day across the world is certainly a fabulous experience, their customers seemed to want more.

“The thinking behind Porter was to continue the fusion of fashion and content that had begun on Net-a-Porter and, as Macleod Smith says, to put the woman at the heart of everything,” writes David Benady in CampaignLive.  “[McLeod Smith] calls magazines such as Vogue not very customer-friendly.”

In other words, it’s not enough to drool over the ads; readers want to be able to buy what they see and a print magazine, as MacLeod Smith says, should “help women get dressed.”

And the magazine does just that.

“Eighty-five percent of [our customers] said print was the No. 1 influence in helping them decide what to buy,” MacLeod is quoted as saying.

When looking for their magic bullet, luxury brand would do well to consider print.