They Said Yes…to New Luxury Jewelry Title

blingsceneBling-Scene addresses “what’s missing” in the luxury magazine niche and offers consumers a tangible connection to the high-end jewelry world.

“In the world of luxury lifestyles, nothing is more posh than fine jewelry,” writes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni. “We’ve all romanced the stone at least once in our lives. But what you won’t find filling the newsstands are magazines on the upscale topic. That niche has been very lacking, that is, up until now.”

What’s new now is Bling-scene, a publication of the Shah Luxury Group, a high-end name in the diamond and jewelry industry for the past 40 years.

“Bling-Scene magazine is the latest luxury venture from a family who knows their way around a carat or two, or more, if I’m to be precise,” Husni writes on his site. “After four decades in the diamond and jewelry industry, the Shah Luxury Group has now turned its attention to the world of magazines. And the beautifully-done, oversized, print title, Bling-Scene is the result.”

Husni interviewed Neil Shah, part of the family dynasty behind Shah Luxury, about their vision for the magazine and the roll it will play.

“It was originally Orlando’s idea, which he’s had for several years,” notes Shah, referring to their creative director Orlando Altamar. “He had noticed basically that in the jewelry industry there was no print magazine. There’s a luxury lifestyle print magazine for car-lovers, cigar-lovers; any kind of interest or passion that people might have, but in the jewelry industry it’s kind of a missing niche. And print is a great platform for us as a jewelry company, manufacturer and a designer brand, to showcase ourselves as well.”

Enter Bling-Scene, a publication that combines the rise of brand journalism with the power of print to drive luxury marketing.

“In fact, there are many blogs and that kind of thing out there for the jewelry industry,” Shah continues. “There’s a lot of social media influence, but what was missing was that touch and feel. And if you notice the magazine, we really went all out to focus on that touch and feel. The paper weight is heavier; the covers are heavier than whatever other luxury magazines we’re comparing it to that are out there; if you’re looking at a Robb Report or a Veranda, or any of these luxury lifestyle magazines.”

Bling-Scene calls to mind another recent launch, as Swarovski and Condé Nast partner on Salt. That title, which relaunched this summer under its new publishing partner’s banner, features content that “will range from fashion, design, jewelry and style inspired by Swarovski, their collaborators and partners,” noted Sara Guaglione in Media Post.

Guaglione noted at the time that, while some may remain skeptical of the industry’s health overall, “luxury titles — especial ones that can attract an international audience — continue to perform for publishers.”

Watch for Bling-Scene on newsstands this fall.