Swarovski & Condé Nast Partner on Salt

saltmagWe’ll all feed our inner dragons with this title from the iconic crystal brand, now set to publish through its partnership with Condé Nast.

Attention bright and shiny thing lovers. Salt, the glittery print celebration of all things crystal from Swarovski, will now be published twice a year under the Condé Nast banner.

Salt’s content will range from fashion, design, jewellery and style inspired by Swarovski, their collaborators and partners,” notes Sara Guaglione in Media Post.

“Condé Nast will also reportedly place ads for their own brands inside the magazine,” Guaglione continues.

The partnership should give a huge boost to the title, which has had its share of challenges in the five years since it debuted, and represents a major shift forward in terms of the brand’s content strategy.

Meanwhile, Guaglione notes that, while some may remain skeptical of the industry’s health overall, “luxury titles — especial ones that can attract an international audience — continue to perform for publishers.”

She’s right about that, as luxury magazines have been called an “effortless environment” for advertisers looking to engage with an upscale consumer.

It looks like a perfect setup: a luxury magazine, powered by a strong brand and the publishing chops to back it up. Brand publishing continues to raise the bar and give traditional titles a run for their money. In a luxury environment like the one Swarovski conjures, we expect great things from this title.