Reality Check on the Digital Migration


H Bauer CEO David Goodchild pulls no punches when speaking about publishing in a multi-channel environment.

“There is no question that the evolution of magazine media from a single channel medium to a sector which is synonymous with original, trusted, premium content distributed on multiple channels, is a hugely positive change,” Goodchild writes in Magnetic.

Indeed, he sees digital as a critical piece of the engagement puzzle, and notes that publishers “need to offer the right advice and ensure that the most appropriate channel mix and relevant audience is recommended for each brief.”

Yet he cautions that it’s all too easy to dismiss the power of print.

“Print remains at the core of everything we do as a business; we know from our readers that nothing can quite replicate the experience of opening the latest issue of their favourite magazine.

“Digital has a new role to play in encouraging reader engagement but for many brands print continues to provide readers with the emotional downtime they need from their increasingly busy lives,” he notes.

Consumer studies back this up:

So yes, include digital in the mix, for certain. Offer your content in ways that both appeal to your readers and make good business sense. Just realize that one of the best ways you can stay relevant is by staying in print.