Print Dead? Piffle.

Shaun Donnelly, the London-based publisher behind the design lifestyle publication Manimalist, is one of us.

“Try to imagine picking up a fresh print magazine; feeling the weight, quickly flicking your fingers through the pages and prising them open so you smell the rush of freshly-printed ink,” he writes, explaining why print isn’t dead.

“Once you’re immersed in the magazine you start to notice the colours – bright, bold and vivid. Finally, there’s being able to closely inspect an image and see the finer details that are sometimes lost in the pixelation of a small screen. All of these small quirks of print media are what make it a timeless art form.”

To prove his point, Donnelly gives his picks for a few of the latest gorgeous indie titles. First on his list is Printed Pages, the print iteration of the It’s Nice That website. Another one that makes Donnelly’s list is Kinfolk, the much-loved (and oft-copied sometimes parodied) lifestyle magazine.

Hey Gents, Cereal and Dazed are Donnelly’s other favorites, and they all reflect the intentional marriage of design and editorial that make a magazine a true standout.

It’s all proof positive, according to Donnelly, that print is far from dead.