Indie Magazines About Amazing Food and Travel

Mass market titles have their purpose, just like mass market vacations at Disney World. But when it comes time to really unwind, many of us look for something off the beaten path. These titles, compiled by Melissa Kravitz in Mic, might be just the ticket.

“Gorgeously illustrated, photographed and assembled independent magazines are not only a special vacation-worthy treat for your eyes, but will leave you informed about new people, places, dishes and cultures beyond wherever you are,” Kravitz notes.

Take Ambrosia, for example, a literary guide dedicated to the culinary scene of specific regions each issue, or Drift from the mind of the same creator.  Both these titles will provide you on-the-ground insights you’ll rarely find in the big name travel mags.

And be sure to take your inner foodie along on vacation, with titles like Cherry Bombe (we’ve loved this one for a while now, with its focus on women blowing up the male–dominated food industry) and Gather Journal, which cooks up delicious recipe-driven stories about food told in word and stunning imagery.

“Don’t worry about catching up on the latest issue — some back issues of these pubs are just as good (or better, depending on your interests) than the current editions on newsstands, so keep an eye out for used copies,” Kravitz explains.

For travel and foodie inspiration, she’s done a great job of pulling together the ultimate list. Enjoy!