Gorgeous New Food Magazine Debuts

One good magazine deserves another, and food writer-turned-publisher Adam Goldberg is about to launch his second title.

“Just nine months after making his first foray into magazine publishing, food writer/A Life Worth Eating blogger Adam Goldberg is set to unleash a second haute culinary publication upon newsstands. Following in the footsteps of his coffee-focused Drift, which debuted earlier this year, Goldberg revisits the regionally focused idea with Ambrosia, a new food magazine that promises to ‘explore the lighter side of a region’s cuisine,’” notes Erin DeJesus on Eater.com.

“We can never tell the story as accurately as a local,” says Goldberg, “so we thought: Why not have locals tell the story themselves?”

Like Goldberg’s first magazine Drift, each issue of Ambrosia will be all about one particular city or region, DeJesus notes.

Ambrosia‘s debut issue focuses on Baja, Mexico, with Goldberg and his team conducting interviews with a dozen chefs and culling 20 recipes from the likes of Enrique Olvera, Benito Molina, and famed cart owner Sabina Bandera,” she continues.

What impresses us is the absolute gorgeousness of the magazine, which hits the newsstands October 1. Stunning photography, a keen understanding of white space and intimate glimpses of the featured personalities make this a standout.

It’s always thrilling to see a new title hit the stands, especially one that’s this carefully down and straight up beautiful. Kudos and best of luck to the team at Ambrosia.