How to Find Those Upscale Consumers

mag-readerLooking for that affluent audience? Turns out they’re busy reading magazines.

For brands looking to connect with well-educated and well-to-do consumers, they should look no further than magazines to find them.

“The quintessential subscribers to printed American consumer magazines are wealthy, well-educated empty nesters who live in a single-family house,” writes D. Eadward Tree in Publishing Executive.

Tree cites a recent U.S. Postal Service study that shows households with incomes above $100,000 have a higher than average number of periodicals delivered to their homes.

“For households whose heads are under 34 years old and with incomes less than $35,000, the average is only 0.2 pieces per week. Households with incomes above $100,000 and whose heads are over 55 receive the most periodicals, with 1.7 pieces per week,” the study notes.

And there’s some positive news about younger magazine readers, too, Tree explains.

“Those under 34 with household incomes over $100,000 receive 0.8 periodicals per week, more than the average household and several times more than their less affluent young-adult counterparts,” he continues.

Given stats like this, it’s no surprise that print has been called the secret weapon of luxury retailers. Even when your audience engages with your brand across a wide variety of channels, they are more likely to engage deeply and have a more personal relationship with print. No wonder print’s been hailed as an “effortless” environment for luxury marketers.