Contently on the Print Publication Renaissance

print-renWhen GOOD Magazine relaunched in print after a brief hiatus, company execs said they wanted to keep the focus on their core product – thought-provoking and intellectually satisfying content presented in a meaningful way.

They nailed that part of it, and now one content marketing expert sees GOOD as a model of sorts for other large scale publishers.

“While recent print efforts seem to be focused on small, visually-oriented publications covering beats like fashion and design, GOOD boasts a large global audience. Its tagline says as much—‘A magazine for the global citizen’—and the social engagement bears that out as well,” writes Dillon Baker in Contently.

The magazine’s editorial strategy is, as Baker notes, quite diverse, far more so than many of the new regional and niche publications that have launched in the past couple of years. And this may well signal the new wave of print’s resurgence.

“Suffice it to say, the diverse editorial focus doesn’t quite fit into the general mold of a niche publication that wants to do print,” Baker continues. “In fact, GOOD Magazine, in many ways, may actually be able to provide larger publishers with a way to leverage print’s distinct advantages.”

Those advantages and the way print accommodates high-end, high-gloss storytelling are instilling the medium with a cachet that luxury brands love. And this love is all part of why print is the comeback story of the year.