B2B Media and the Direct Line to Senior Execs

B2B marketers, take note: A new study out of Canada proves that business media magazines are a direct channel to reaching decision makers. 

“The study shows that business media magazines are read by senior people in the industries which they cover, the majority of whom are buyers/purchase influencers,” writes Evan Dickson in Magazines Canada. “Their audiences trust what they read, and overwhelmingly rely on B2B media to find new trends as well as new products and services. High levels of audience trust and the ability to reach decision makers is also beneficial for advertisers, and the research makes a strong business case for advertising in Canadian B2B magazines.”

There’s that word again – trust. It’s proven in the UK and the US that printed magazines offer brands a true trust bump. Apparently it’s true for our northern neighbors too. 

According to Dickson, the survey results showed some key findings:

  •  Almost all (99%) of survey respondents read their B2B magazines, with 86% reading their magazines regularly or always, and 70% reading all or most of the issues. This makes a strong case for solid engagement.
  • While multi-platform strategies are important (37% said they read both print and digital copies of their B2B titles), print is critical. Print readers are 49% more likely to be the sole or final decision maker. The print magazine audience contains 68% more senior management. 

Nearly all respondents (95%) said that the B2B magazines they read “a trusted voice in the industry,” while almost half say B2B magazines are the first place they go to learn about new products. 

This is encouraging news for B2B marketers who are facing an increasingly challenging digital ad environment. The B2B magazine platform is almost guaranteed to raise the metrics that matter.