70 New Titles in April; 20 with Frequency

button-launchPrint is on the rise, notes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni as part of his Launch Monitor series, with several large publishers launching new titles and enjoying “a good old-fashioned print revival” in the month of April.

“A total of 70 new titles hit the newsstand for April and 20 of them were with regular frequency. Out of those 20 newborns, 5 of them were delivered from large-scale publishers that show no fear in the face of cynics who still decry the value of print in today’s world,” Husni asserts. “Print is on the rise; was there ever any doubt?” Husni asks.

No doubt whatsoever here, as luxury brands continue to embrace print, and smaller niche publications gain footing.

Some of the notable titles launched in April include:

  • History from National Geographic
  • Curbside Cuisine, celebrating the art of street food
  • The newly-renamed Plus magazine

Interesting specials include an enticing title from Newsweek called The Science of Sex and a fun title called Flea Marketing Style from Meredith that will appeal to the cottage chic crowd.

Oh, and in case you’re counting, yes, the number is up from last month (69 new titles; 15 with frequency) and also up from last April (66 new; 22 with frequency).

The year in print is shaping up nicely!