7 Rock Solid Reasons to Advertise in Magazines

foodmagAdvertising in print magazines in still one of the most effective ways to build your brand. Period.

It’s the dawn of the post-ad digital world. As marketers come to understand that digital advertising is not the miracle cure is was expected to be, advertisers are once again reminded that print remains a fantastic choice for brand awareness, even being called “a secret weapon.”

“Advertising in magazines is still one of the most effective ways of building brands at the right time. They engage millions of people and small groups on a regular basis, deliver ROI, generate large amounts of brand awareness and significantly increase sales,” notes this article in Print Power, a European-based website.

“Everything about magazines exudes quality. Top-name fashion and style magazines are a seductive medium for luxury brands, editorial context and optimal print quality making a perfect fit for high-ticket products. So, as a strong example of Add Print, Add Power, we present seven key reasons to advertise with magazines,” the article continues.

Top on the list of reasons is the reach of print. “Magazines in Germany for example reach nine out of ten Germans and have a coverage of 91.3 per cent.”

And while they are reaching, they are also engaging, with print advertising more likely to be viewed as part of the reading experience than other media. And because they offer long-form content and no digital distractions, they are often sought out for understanding more complex issues because of the reader’s ability to focus.

“A French study confirmed that 59 per cent of the readers use magazines for comprehension of often difficult stories. Magazines are read without distraction; 87 per cent of German readers focus on a magazine. They do not watch or listen to another medium at the same time. This attention offers a major benefit for advertisers, as an important percentage of the readers will see the ad and the brand name, delivering a higher impact,” the article notes.

With improved print to digital technology, magazines have come a long way in interactivity with online content. All of these traits lead to inspiration, which often leads to purchase (45% of respondents to one survey said a magazine inspired them to purchase an advertised product.)

The tactile and sensory experience make the ads more effective, all of which drives ROI. Magazines consistently rank at or near the top in ROI rankings.

Simply put, the brand building of power of print advertising is undeniable.