Why Some Marketers Are Calling Print “The Secret Weapon”

Looking for hard evidence that print is a powerful strategy for B2B? Look no further than “The Bridge: Defining print’s role in the digital marketing age” in Canvas Magazine.

The article tells the tale of Full Circle CRM’s 2014 campaign aimed at CMOs. The company created, printed and mailed a 16-page booklet that hit home with its target audience.

And it worked.

“For a company that provides marketers full response lifecycle management solutions in their quests to acquire accurate and defining ROI, the highly specialized print campaign hit the mark,” writes Michael Pallerino.

“The booklet’s success – it helped Full Circle secure two leads – has performed exactly as Bonnie Crater expected it to. In a time where most, if not all, organizations are shifting their budgets toward the digital side, print is becoming a highly targeted way to make your message stand out,” Pallerino continues.

This ability to help your message stand out is a key element in a multi-channel strategy, and especially at this time when so many marketing budgets are skewing toward digital.

Print serves to engage your audience in places where your competitors are not, Pallerino notes. And while digital has become a low-barrier and inexpensive commodity, print continues to be seen as higher value.

The article is worth a read to help understand the thoughts of heavy-weight marketers from high profile agencies and consumer brands, like Clive Sirkin, CMO for Kimberly-Clark who notes “We don’t believe in digital marketing. We believe in marketing in a digital world.”

That distinction is quite important to note, and puts the idea of modern marketing strategy into a clearer context.

“Heading into 2015, the consensus is clear – marketing campaigns that immerse audiences in a memorable experience will be the winners. That said, there is room for a lot of channels, including print,” Pallerino writes.