28 Trump Covers and Other Surprising Magazine Facts for 2017

Fun facts to know:

  • Four of the top 15 newsstand magazine publishers saw sales rise in 2016 over 2015;
  • The average cover price of a newsstand magazine rose 5% last year over the year before;
  • 37% of digital publishers still fail to meet FTC transparency standards for native ads; and
  • So far this year, President Trump has been on the cover a national news magazine 28 times.

These stats are part of Folio’s “By the Numbers” piece that highlights some surprising data from around the magazine industry, part of the 31,000 data points collected monthly by SourceMedia.

Other interesting things to note:

  • Hoffman Media, the Alabama-based publisher, saw a 24% rise in single copy sales last year; however
  • Global ad spend reserved for print magazines is expected to drop slightly by 2019; while
  • Google stands to lose up to $750 million in revenue if advertisers continue their boycott over ad placements.

What to make of all this? Well, that’s the thing with statistics…they tell a story, certainly, but it’s always open to interpretation. One thing is for certain; the magazine industry has plenty of surprises left.