13 Delicious Indie Food Titles to Taste

Stacks’ compiled a list of their favorite food titles, each one served up with a healthy helping of culture and design.

What is it about food that makes for such great indie magazines? This year we’ve seen several yummy titles come our way, like The Gourmand, with its cutting-edge imagery and commentary, and Ambrosia, an amazing title that merges food and travel in a fresh way.

Clearly, the food category is a hot property in the already smoking niche movement. Food titles were pretty much everywhere this year, and Stack was especially helpful in sharing their favorites.

“There are so many food magazines that celebrate the things we eat with wit, inventiveness, and devotion, and since the holidays are about eating, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites,” writes Grace Wang in Stack. “From the sophisticated photography in Gather Journal to the candid, first-person narratives in Put A Egg On It, here’s a look at 13 independent food magazines that do so much more than cover the things we bite, chew, and swallow.”

Of course, The Gourmand made their list, as did a perennial favorite around here, Cherry Bombe. Some you may have missed include Sybaris, described as “a quirky food magazine from Tel Aviv,” and Fare, which examines cities “through food, community and history.”

And where has this one been? Pit is a fluorescent printed title about all things barbecue, just launched this past summer.

“Focusing on live-fire cooking and smoking, this is a tasty title of artfully charred meats, next level barbecues and smoky entrepreneurs,” Wang writes. “It explores global methods (from Polynesian Imu fire pits to good ol’ American BBQ), offers summertime cookout recipes, and chats to chefs who have mastered the science of smoke.”

Mold, Club Sandwich and Jarry look thought-provoking and intriguing, as do all the rest on the list. If you have a true foodie in your circle, now’s a great time to hook them up with a subscription or two. You’ll be doing them a favor, and supporting the work of these fantastic indie publishers.  Win-win!