What’s Keeping B2B Publishers Awake at Night?

[responsive]b2bmarketingmag[responsive]As publishers make the shift to magazine media companies, they are faced with a whole new set of challenges. Like any challenge, identifying the issue is the first critical step in adjusting your plans, so we appreciate Alex Ford’s article earlier this month in Folio: 6 Things B2B Publishers Should Worry About in 2015.

“The media industry continues to be in a state of rapid change and evolution. Consumption behaviors continue to shift from print to online to mobile,” Ford writes. “As a digital-only B2B media company, we’re lucky enough to be in the right place, but there are plenty of meaty challenges to grapple with. Here’s what’s keeping me up at night as we kick off 2015 and how we’re approaching each challenge.”

First on the list for Ford is the changing competitive landscape that has fostered the “brand as publishers” mentality. As companies – not just publishing companies, but all types – dive into the content publishing pool, sponsored content and native advertising competes for ad spend. As a result, traditional publishers feel the pressure on the income side as advertisers find they have more options for exposure.

In addition, they may be under another kind of pressure, to open their publications up to branded content, which is fraught with its own set of risks.

Engaging in new platforms, using social media effectively, and leveraging your core competencies in the right direction are more issues that Ford sites as potential pitfalls in a follow-up article.

The good news? Publishers are a pretty savvy bunch, we’ve found. Especially in the B2B market, they understand that no landscape is immune from issues and challenges. While much of this current landscape is “new territory,” isn’t that the very place where innovation and creative intelligence stand to have the most impact?

So keep your eyes on the horizon, check for those icebergs, sure. But don’t panic. While much is “new” or never tried, the basics of good business – and good marketing – remain the same. If in doubt, talk to your customers. They’ll tell you what you need to know.