What Digital Marketers are Saying About Print

[responsive]magazinestack[/responsive]Credibility, impact, legitimacy – these are just three of the words one digital marketing consultant uses to describe the benefits of print.

“Print offers a credibility no other medium can offer,” writes Marjorie Steel in the Grand Rapids Business Journal. “Digital publishing might be prolific, but in most cases the ‘churnalism’ of Internet content reduces the authoritative impact. However, an ad or editorial you can hold in your hand has both impact and legitimacy.”

“Despite the popular assertion that ‘print is dead,’ ad sales indicate that some forms of print advertising are more viable than ever,” she continues.

Steel, who advised clients on digital marketing strategies, says that print has a strategic role in a multi-channel environment.

“While bullish demand for print in entertainment and other industries has left many marketers scratching their heads, integrated marketers view it as an opportunity to close the gap between print and digital. According to Dejan, closing that gap is the most effective strategy modern brands and marketers can take,” Steel notes.

“Print such as magazine advertising and direct mail continue to be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a targeted audience, while permission-based email marketing and social media offer low-cost ways to engage audiences where they live and play,” she continues. “Effectively combining the two channels requires an understanding of how they’re used differently — and what audiences expect from them.”

She’s not alone in her opinions, quoting Mike Leister at Business2Community as saying “if you want your marketing strategy to be truly effective, think multi-channel.”

To be sure, Steel takes a somewhat clichéd view of the situation, failing to cite sources for her sweeping statement that “consumer demand is shifting away from traditional media.” We’ve been sharing stats on digital companies launching print magazines and declining digital ad sales that might contradict Steel’s assertions. Still, it’s quite good to see a digital marketing consultant seeing the importance of print and its role for her clients. They’ll have better marketing strategies for it.