Airbnb is Launching a Print Magazine…and It Sounds Delicious

[responsive]PINEAPPLE_magazine[/responsive]Pineapples are the traditional symbols of hospitality in New England homes, and it’s fitting that the fruit is the inspiration behind the title of Airbnb’s new print magazine.

“Later this week, Airbnb will release a glossy new print quarterly called Pineapple,” writes David Matthews in FastCompany. “At first glance, the publishing effort might seem a strange venture for the online accommodations marketplace, but it’s actually the next logical step in Airbnb’s master plan to make its brand as omnipresent in the real world as it is online.”

The company has created a successful presence online, offering locally-owned and hosted rentals in close to 200 countries. Now it is seeking to create a more recognizable and consistent offline presence, and they’ve chosen print to help tell their story.

“Copies of Pineapple…will be available for purchase at various stores and through its website, but the best way to read a copy will be by booking an Airbnb. According to Andrew Schapiro, head of brand creative for the company, 18,000 free copies of Pineapple will be distributed for free to Airbnb hosts around the world,” Matthews writes.

The first issue is ad-free and focuses on London, San Francisco and Seoul. As Matthews notes, hospitality and travel brands often create their own branded magazines (we recently reported on The Standard’s print magazine launch) so this idea sounds like a solid marketing strategy.

“Ultimately, they want to create an end-to-end travel experience that’s worthy of the pages of a high-end travel magazine—and Pineapple, with its photography and storytelling, will likely aim to serve as another visual cue that Airbnb is capable of delivering those types of experiences to guests,” Matthews notes.

Print is the perfect medium for travel, and for brand storytelling, and we expect to hear good things from Airbnb as they dive into the world of glossy magazines.