The Ultimate Direct Mail Deck

We talk about the stats all the time – like how direct mail is a proven top influencer among affluents….

…or how effective direct mail is in B2B sales, and how it enjoys the highest ROI among channels.

The facts are out there – but there’s still a lot of educating we need to do to help brands truly understand why they need to leverage direct mail in their marketing. So we love this slide deck from MarketingCharts, sponsored by Gunderson Direct, that compiles the benefits of direct mail into one handy resource.

Perhaps most importantly in the age of fake news and mistrust of social media, trust in direct mail remains high across generations:

So the next time you get into the print vs. digital debate and people start talking about direct mail, grab some of these charts to back up your case. When it comes to influence, ROI and building trust, direct mail is really hard to beat.