Looking for ROI in All the Wrong Places

mail-manWant a real return in this age of digital fraud and waste? Think mail. 

Recent figures from Target Marketing show that the majority of advertisers are planning to increase their digital spend this year, even in the face of massive ad fraud and waste. I admit, that one had me stumped, to see so many companies throwing good money after bad.

The good news, I noted in that post, is that 69% of marketers are either holding steady or increasing their spend on direct mail.

Smart cookies.

If you’re in charge of ad budgets or work on a team that has responsibility for driving ROI, you might want to grab a copy of this infographic from United Mail.

Toss a few of these stats around the next time the team makes budget decisions:

  • 51% of people prefer direct mail vs. digital from local shops; and 48% from banks
  • Almost twice as many people (79%) say they act immediately on direct mail. Email only gets a direct action rate of 45%.
  • Direct mail response rates for existing customers is 3.4%; that rate is .12% for a typical email campaign.
  • For every 5,000 prospects, marketers see 175 responses for direct mail, versus 65 for email.

The bottom line?

“Direct mail is a time tested, reliable method that generates substantial ROI and results,” according to United Mail’s report. Oh, and no ad bots, ad blocking or massive fraud either. Sweet.