The Skinny on Print in 2015

MPA_Logo_NOTAG-300x239When you compare persuasion metrics, looks like print’s still got it going on.

When it comes to brand boosting and fostering purchase intent, you can’t beat print. So says recent findings from the Print Campaign Analysis conducted by Milward Brown.

The report finds “print advertising results in the greatest increases in persuasion metrics—brand favorability and purchase intent—compared to other platforms.”

“These advertiser-generated data also reveal the when advertisers used print magazine in combination with other platforms, they were most successful in raising outcome metrics,” the report continues, “leading to the conclusion that digital platforms work best when they are connected to powerful traditional media, such as print,” the report continues

If you’re looking to optimize your ad dollars, keep these three facts in mind:

  • PRINT OPTIMISES DIGITAL — When advertisers used Print in combination with other platforms, they were most successful in raising outcome metrics. “Among the two-medium combinations, the Print + TV combination was especially effective across the six outcome metrics. Indeed, for some outcome metrics, this combination produced deltas that were twice as large as those for the TV + Online combination.”
  • PRINT BOOSTS TV RESULTS — Adding Print to a TV schedule actually helped consumers recall the TV ads they had seen! Exposure to both TV and Print in ad campaigns improved consumers’ ability to correctly associate the advertised brands with their respective advertising messages.
  • PRINT’S IMPACT STAYS STRONG — While TV and Online show diminishing returns after four exposures, Print continues to improve ad awareness and persuasion metrics at higher (five-plus) frequencies.

Print ads work, plain and simple.