The Buzz Around Digital-first Bumble’s New Print Title

The dating app maker just launched a lifestyle magazine offering stories and advice about dating, careers and friendship to their 50 million+ users.

Just yesterday we were talking about the growing trend of “reverse publishing” – digital-first brands that are now publishing print products. And we see yet another example today, as the dating app Bumble goes to print with its lifestyle magazine.

“On the cover of the 100-page premiere issue is Lauren Chan, a fashion entrepreneur behind the plus-size workwear line called Henning,” writes Sarah Perez in TechCrunch. “Inside, the magazine is organized into four sections that align with the Bumble app’s different modes: ‘You First,’ ‘You + BFFs,’ ‘You + Dating’ and ‘You + Bizz.’ Here, readers will find celebrity interviews, features, advice, product guides, ‘daily mantras’ and more.”

As Perez notes, a digital brand branching out into print is no longer an anomaly. Early this year we saw It’s Nice That launch into print, after similar moves by Buzzfeed and even Facebook.

“Airbnb has Airbnb Magazine, which arrives in the mail; Unilever’s Dollar Shave Club runs Mel Magazine; mattress brand Casper created Woolly Magazine in partnership with McSweeney’s; luggage brand Away has Here Magazine; Uber has rolled out several print magazines, including Vehicle, Arriving Now and Momentum; and even Facebook launched a print magazine, Grow, aimed at business leaders,” Perez writes.

Still, a dating app? What could be the possible draw? As Perez explains, it’s all about brand engagement throughout the multi-channel lifestyle … and lifestyle topics translate beautifully into print, where consumers are looking for a relaxed, lean-back experience.

For Bumble, the magazine offers the company a way to introduce its brand to new customers as well as extend its relationship with existing users out in the real world,” Perez continues. “This is part of Bumble’s larger efforts in developing an offline component to its business. The company also runs pop-ups, hosts events and has spoken of plans to launch more physical locations — ‘Hives,’ in Bumble lingo — sometime this year.”

The trend speaks to a growing awareness that consumers are reaching (have reached?) their digital tipping point, and see the value in engaging in the real world. Digital minimalism is taking off, as we become more aware of the cost of our constant connection to tech devices.

Published in partnership with Hearst, Bumble Mag represents a new potential revenue stream for the brand, and a solid platform for potential ad partners, too.

“Bumble is at the forefront of inspiring women to make connections and take initiative in all aspects of their lives with its positive message of empowerment,” said HearstMade Editorial Director Brett Hill in a statement. “The magazine is a perfect example of how HearstMade is changing the face of custom publishing with hyper-targeted content that reflects the brand’s ethos in the most authentic way.”

There’s a lot of buzz in the industry around ventures like these, and we wish them the best as they launch their new title.