Say What Now About Print Magazines?

Pew-Research-CenterThis first eyebrow-raising fact about printed magazines even surprised us. In a good way.

Did you know that more Americans read print magazines than use the Internet?

According to the Pew Research Center, “91 percent of American adults have read a magazine in the last six months, compared to 85 percent of American adults who surf the net,” writes Richard Iurilli in Wainscot.

And those readers are active, Iurilli, who is writing largely for a healthcare and medical community, continues.  He notes that magazine readers are “more likely to practice yoga or pilates, cook for fun, do aerobics, walk for fitness, or use a health club or gym than other consumers. That makes them a perfect audience for healthcare content and advertising, whether it’s health and wellness tips, healthy recipes, community event listings, or ads for services that can help them stay fit.”

Looking to reach a more diverse audience? The same study shows that print magazines reach 88 percent of Asian American adults, and 86 percent of Hispanic American adults each month, and they read an average of between 9.5 and 12.8 issues.

So, people are reading. That’s great. But what does it mean to the advertiser or brand? Plenty, notes Iurilli.

“It’s not enough for people to just read about your hospital, though—ideally, you want them to take some sort of action as a result of seeing your content or ads. Magazines excel at this, driving more people to call a toll-free information line, talk to a friend or family member, or even make an appointment than TV, radio, newspapers, or the Internet.”

With all of these facts become more widely known, it’s little wonder that top digital brands like WebMD and Uber have launched print titles. Americans still love print magazines, and continue to migrate from mass market titles to niche and specialty topics.

What would your company magazine look like?